AJAs Announces 2014 Finalists

HALIFAX, March 31, 2015 /CNW/ - The Atlantic Journalism Awards (AJAs) is pleased to announce the finalists in the 2014 competition. The finalists' names are listed in alphabetical order by first name.  The awards will be presented during the gala dinner and awards event at the Halifax Marriott Harbourfront Hotel on Saturday, May 9, 2015.

Online News Reporting

cbc.ca/nb – Daniel McHardie – CBC NB – Moncton Shootings.

ici.radio-canada.ca/acadie – Marilyn Marceau - Moncton, NB – Fermeture de la clinique Morgentaler.

theguardian.pe.ca – Steve Sharratt/Jocelyne Lloyd/Nigel ArmstrongCharlottetown, PEI - PEI Double Homicide.

Best Page Presentation: Newspaper

Allison Saunders/Kyle Shaw/Elliott Magill/Ryan Chisholm – The Coast – Halifax, NS – The Ultimate Road Trip.

Nadine Fownes – The Chronicle Herald – Halifax, NS – The Great War.

Nadine Fownes – The Chronicle Herald – Halifax, NSRemembrance Day.

Photojournalism Spot News: Newspaper

Joe Gibbons – The Telegram – St. John's, NL – Empire Fire Scream.

Keith Gosse – The Telegram – St. John's NL – Seniors Building Fire.

Viktor Pivovarov – Times&Transcript – Moncton, NBMoncton Shooter.

Photojournalism Feature: Newspaper

Greg Agnew – Times&Transcript – Moncton, NB – Sunrise Skater.

Keith Gosse – The Telegram – St. John's, NL – Cooling Off.

Ron Ward – Times&Transcript – Moncton, NB – Final Goodbye.

Atlantic Magazine Article

Alec Bruce – Atlantic Business Magazine – St. John's, NL – Forged by Fire: The Triumph of Anne Whelan.

Beverley Ware/Christian Laforce – Herald Magazine – Halifax, NS – Lobster Trails.

Hugh McKervill – Atlantic Salmon Journal – Chamcook, NB – The River's Cure.

Stephen Kimber – Atlantic Business Magazine – St. John's, NL – Spilled Secrets.

Atlantic Magazine: Best Cover

Atlantic Business Magazine – St. John's NL – Why #SuperStartUp Sucked – July 2014.

East Coast Living – Halifax, NS – North End Splendour – Winter 2014.

Herald Magazine – Halifax, NSRobert FrankSeptember 2014.

Atlantic Magazine: Best Profile Article

Lois Legge – Herald Magazine – Halifax, NSRobert Frank.

Mike Landry – Saltscapes Magazine – Bedford, NS – Dreams Float.

Stephen Kimber – Atlantic Business Magazine – St. John's, NL – Hard…and Soft as Steele.

Breaking/Spot News Reporting: Print and Online

Canadian Press Team – The Canadian Press – Halifax, NS – Moncton RCMP Shootings.

Teresa Wright/Mitch MacDonald/Brian McInnis/Nigel Armstrong – The Guardian – Charlottetown, PEI – Three Teens Killed in Charlottetown Fire.

Times&Trancript Newsroom – Moncton, NB – Three Police Officers Killed.

Breaking News Radio

Danielle Barron – VOCM – St. John's, NL – CBS Soccer Stabbing.

Fred Hutton/Danielle Barron – VOCM – St. John's, NL – MUN Campus Shooting.

News95.7 Team – Halifax, NS – Post-Tropical Storm Arthur Batters NS.

Breaking News/Spot News: Television

Chris O'Neill-Yates/Bruce Tilley/Sherry Vivien/Keith Burgess – CBC NL – St. John's, NL – Shaw Street Fire.

Kate Letterick/Melissa Oakley - CBC NB – Moncton, NB – Moncton Shootings.

Michèle Brideau – Radio-Canada Acadie – Moncton, NB - Fusillade à Moncton.

Enterprise Reporting: Print

Adam Bowie – The Daily Gleaner – Fredericton, NB - Needless Suffering - Skilled Paramedics Handcuffed by Lawmakers.

Hilary Beaumont – The Coast – Halifax, NS - The Always-On Stalker.

Kate McKenna – Eastern Graphic – Montague, PEI - Freed On a Technicality.

Enterprise Reporting: Radio

Myfanwy Davies/Angela Gilbert/Rachel Cave – CBC NB – Fredericton, NB - Operation Osprey.

Stephen Puddicombe/Paul-Emile D'Entremont/Peter Dawson – CBC NS – Halifax, NS – The Miss Ally Tapes.

Fred Hutton/VOCM News Team – VOCM – St. John's, NL – Dark NL Power Outage.

Enterprise Reporting: Television

Adam Walsh/Philippe Grenier/Paul Pickett – CBC NL – St. John's, NL – Crooked Contractor.

Bob Murphy – CBC NS – Halifax, NS – The Drake Course.

Julie-Anne Lapointe – Radio-Canada Acadie – Moncton, NB - Dépenses du CCNB. 

Feature Writing: Print

John DeMont – Herald Magazine – Halifax, NS – The Taste Revolution.

Lois Legge – The Chronicle Herald – Halifax, NS – Lest We Forget.

Stephen Kimber – Natural Resources Magazine – St. John's, NL – Closure.

Feature Writing: Radio

Gavin Simms – CBC NB – Moncton, NB – The Candle Man. (The Story of Jude LeBlanc).

Jackie Torrens/Christina Harnett – CBC Atlantic – Halifax, NS – Poet Laureate of Youth Now Radio.

Jacques Poitras – Radio-Canada Acadie – Moncton, NB – La fête n'est pas encore commencée.

Feature Writing: Television

Amy Stoodley/Marilyn Boone/Keith Burgess – CBC NL – St. John's, NL – Life After Sarah.

Brett Ruskin – Global Evening News – Halifax, NS – The Social Traveler.

Michel Nogue – Radio-Canada Acadie – Moncton, NB – Cauchemar à Cocagne.

Business Reporting: Any Medium

Ariane Hanlon – The Coast – Halifax, NS – The Business of Bare.

Chris Benjamin – Saltscapes Magazine – Bedford, NS – Betting the Fish Farm.

Rachel Brighton – Rural Delivery Magazine – Liverpool, NS – Big Dairy Comes East: Consolidation Makes "Local" Elusive.

Sports Reporting: Any Medium

Andrew McGilligan – The Daily Gleaner – Fredericton, NB – The Ghosts of Baseball Hill.

Monty Mosher – The Chronicle Herald – Halifax, NS – Fighting For Rio.

Robert Jones – CBC NB – Fredericton, NB – The Amateur.

Arts & Entertainment Reporting: Any Medium

Elissa Barnard – Herald Magazine – Halifax, NS – Life and Art of Mary Pratt.

Michael Landry – Telegraph-Journal – Saint John, NB – An Eye for It.

Suzanne Robicheau – Saltscapes Magazine – Bedford, NS – The Magic of Realism.

Commentary: Any Medium

Alec Bruce – Atlantic Business Magazine – St. John's, NL – The Tough Business of Keeping Calm and Carrying On.

Stephen Kimber – Atlantic Business Magazine – St. John's, NL – How Would You UnHarper Canada?

Russell Wangersky – The Telegram – St. John's, NL – A Tragic Case.

Video Journalist: Television

Jeremy Eaton – CBC NL – Corner Brook, NL – Show of Work.

Laura Brown – Global NB Evening News, Moncton, NB – Show of Work.

Philippe Grenier – Radio-Canada Acadie – St. John's, NL – Show of Work.

Editorial Cartooning

Bruce MacKinnon – The Chronicle Herald – Halifax, NS – Show of Work.

Michael de Adder – The Chronicle Herald – Halifax, NS – Show of Work.

Wayne Wright – The Journal Pioneer, Summerside, PEI – Show of Work.

Best Multimedia Feature

Pascale Kutowski – Radio-Canada Acadie – Moncton, NB – Le CMA 2014.

Stephanie Johns/Elliott Magill/Veronica Simmonds/Erica Butler, Melissa Dube/Meghan Tansey Whitton– The Coast – Halifax, NS – Fort Mac to Halifax: Living With Canada's Worst Commute.

TC Media Staff – TC Media Publications – (Jennifer Little – Kings County News – Kentville, NS) - A Week That Changed Our World.

Best Information News Radio Program (Selected Program)

Information Morning Moncton - CBC NB – Moncton, NB - Moncton Murders.

Maritime Noon – Norma Lee MacLeod – CBC Halifax – Halifax, NS - Moncton Manhunt.

VOCM Roundtable – Fred Hutton – VOCM – St. John's, NL - Louis' Story.

Best Radio Newscast (Selected Newscast)

Island Morning News – August 8 - CBC PEI – Charlottetown, PEI.

The News95.7 Morning News – June 5 – Rogers Radio – Halifax, NS.

VOCM 1:00 PM Major News – May 29 – VOCM – St. John's, NL.

Best Television News Broadcast (Same Date Newscast)

CBC Newfoundland Here and Now – CBC NL – St. John's, NL. 

NTV Evening News Hour – NTV – St. John's, NL.

Téléjournal Acadie – Radio-Canada Acadie – Moncton, NB.

The Jim MacNeill New Journalist Award

Bridget Yard – CBC NB – Bathurst, NB – Show of Work.

Karissa Donkin – Telegraph-Journal – Saint John, NB. – Show of Work.

Shane Fowler – CBC NB – Fredericton, NB – Show of Work.


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